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MAY 2020

                                                    Dr Sandeep Arora
                                                     Professor and Director,
                                                    Pharmaceutical Sciences,
                                                   Chitkara University, Punjab, India
         Thermal door-to-door packaging solutions for India

                               va-Q-tec is the pioneer in   VIPs and PCMs, which can maintain constant
         highly efficient products and solutions in   temperatures, depending on the type, for up to
         the  area  of  thermal  insulation  and   200  hours  without  external  energy  input.  To
         Temperature  Controlled  Supply  Chain   implement  temperature-sensitive  logistics   Sarini Sachdeva
         (TempChain)  logistics.  The  company    chains,  va-Q-tec  operates  within  a  global   Indian Reprentative
         develops,  produces  and  markets  highly   network  of  35  TempChain  Service  Centers
         efficient  and  consequently  thin  vacuum   (TSC)  a  fleet  of  2100+  rental  containers  and
         insulation panels (VIPs) as well as phase   over  10  thousand  boxes  meeting  demanding
         change materials (PCMs) for reliable and   thermal  protection  standards.  Two  TSCs  are
         energy-efficient temperature controlling.   located in India, one in Hyderabad and one in
                                                                                                             Mobile : +91 9910499939
         In  addition,  va-Q-tec  produces  passive   Mumbai.  They  enable  safe,  cost-efficient  and    Office :  +44 1634 86 86 18
         thermal  packaging  systems  (containers   green door-to-door regional and intercontinental
         and boxes) through optimally integrating   transports.                                        

          Pallet size solutions for all destinations, all temperatures
          and all volumes

                                                  va-Q-tec offers pallet size multi-use thermal   Other temperature ranges for below -60 °C are also
                                                  containers (va-Q-tainer) as well as solutions   available  upon  request.  The  va-Q-tainer  keeps
                                                  for non-return destinations (va-Q-pal). The   the temperature constant for more than 120 hours
                                                  va-Q-tainers  are  available  in  five  different   even  in  summer  with  an  average  outside
                                                  sizes  from  half  Euro  pallet  up  to  two  US   temperature of 30 degree Celsius. The va-Q-pal is
                                                  pallets and are optimized for PMC pallets.   qualified for more than 97 hours valid for summer
                                                  Four different standard temperature ranges   and winter scenarios according to ISTA 7D.
                                                  from  -40  to  +25  °C  are  available  without
                                                  using dry ice.

          A comprehensive parcel size box portfolio

                va-Q-tec offers a variety of different   The  multi-use  box,  va-Q-proof,  is  available   All boxes are available dry ice free in
         multi-use and single-use parcel size boxes.   in 11 different sizes from 4 to 264 liter payload   temperature ranges from -40 to +25 °C.
         The va-Q-one box is designed for remote   volume.  Two  different  configurations  offer  a
         locations and has a qualified performance   qualified performance of 96+ or 168+ hours.
         of 96+ hours according ISTA 7D.
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