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Dissolution and Artificial Intelligence

                        Oral dosage forms are important   Dissolution is the process in which a substance   interchangeably.  To  properly  evaluate  the
        flexible  and  effective  treatments  options   forms  a  solution.  A  dissolution  test  measures   dissolution  of  drug  products,  it  is  critical  for
        available  to  the  patients.  Dissolution  testing   the extent and rate of solution formation from   procedures  to  be  standardized.  Th is
        is  a  requirement  for  all  solid  oral  dosage   a dosage form, such as tablet, capsule, ointment,   standardization helps to show consistent quality
        forms and is used throughout the development   etc. The dissolution of a drug is important for   in  production  and  may  serve  as  a  predictive
        life-cycle  for  product  release  and  stability   its bioavailability and therapeutic effectiveness.   measure of efficacy.
        testing                                  Dissolution  and  drug  release  are  terms  used
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