HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara celebrates International Women’s Day by illuminating the Statue of Unity in pink


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HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara in association with Statue of Unity Administration marked International Women’s Day with a one-of-its-kind campaign called “A pledge to embrace the equity”, which included various activities to recognise the invaluable contributions of women to society.

As part of this campaign, the Statue of Unity, an iconic landmark in Vadodara, was illuminated in pink to honour the indomitable spirit of women with other 4 landmark locations which included the Narmada Dam, Cactus Garden, Valley of Flowers and Ramada building. The event took place at the Statue of Unity Campus and was attended by more than 3000 audiences.

The dignitaries present were Udit Agrawal- CEO, Statue of Unity, Shweta Teotia, IAS and Collector of Narmada District along with Dr Rajiv Bhatt, Medical Director, HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara and Varun Mishra, Chief Operating Officer,  HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara.

Around 1000 pink balloons were unleashed into the sky and 400 female staff of Statue of Unity administration were taught self-breast examination. Further, thermal screening of 1100 female employees is scheduled in the coming week. Additionally, a pledge was taken by 1800 tourists to encourage women to take care of their health by taking the vaccine for cervical cancer, doing self-breast examination once a month, and Cancer screening at least once a year.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr Rajiv Bhatt, Medical Director, HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara said, “Today was a great opportunity for us to salute the undefeatable spirit of women and draw inspiration from them. At HCG, we’ve always championed women’s empowerment and equality, and we took this opportunity to reaffirm our convictions.”

Udit Agrawal- CEO, Statue of Unity, said, “We are happy to be associated with HCG for this initiative. It was truly inspiring to collaborate with HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara for celebrating International Women’s Day in a unique way. The event served as a reminder of the resilience and strength of women, and the progress we have made in the fight for gender equality. It was heartening to see so many people come together to celebrate the achievements of women and pledge their support towards a more equitable future.”

Shweta Teotia, IAS and Collector of Narmada District, said, “I am thrilled to have been a part of HCG Cancer Centre Vadodara’s celebration of International Women’s Day. This event was a poignant reminder of the incredible strength, resilience, and unyielding spirit of women in every sphere of life. It is time for all of us to stand up and pledge our unwavering support to empower women and promote gender equity. Let us work together to build a better and fairer world for every woman, everywhere.”

Varun Mishra, Chief Operating Officer, HCG Cancer Centre, Vadodara, said, “No other place than the Statue of Unity could have symbolised HCG’s solidarity against the fight with Cancer in the true sense. He also requested people for their united efforts against Cancer and its prevention.”

The ‘Colours of Empowerment’ campaign highlights HCG’s ongoing commitment to promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment. It encourages others to join this important cause and help create a better future for all women.

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