Survey Reveals A Population of Two Million Suffers from Long COVID Symptoms

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A recent study by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in collaboration with the UK Health Security Agency revealed persistent challenges posed by long COVID among populations in England and Scotland. According to the study, nearly two million individuals still experience the lingering symptoms associated with COVID-19, affecting 381,000 in their daily activities.

As per the report, the study was conducted for a month, between February 6 and March 7, and found that 3.3% of surveyed individuals reported symptoms of long-term COVID-19, which lasted more than four weeks after the initial infection, without explanation for another medical condition. Although this population percentage marks a slight increase from a similar survey conducted in March 2023, it is essential to note that the methodologies between the two surveys were not precisely identical.

The impact of long COVID on workforce participation rates in Britain is of particular concern. Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, there has been a noticeable decline in labor force participation, partly attributed to a rise in the number of working-age individuals experiencing long-term sickness, which has surged by approximately 700,000.

The data further highlights the disparities in extended COVID prevalence among demographic groups. Notably, individuals aged 45-54 years have reported the highest incidence of long COVID-19 symptoms, with women being 20% more likely to report symptoms in comparison to men. Moreover, a significant proportion of individuals reported enduring symptoms for extended periods, with over half indicating symptom onset more than two years ago and 71% reporting symptoms lasting at least a year.

Considering the profound impact of long COVID on individuals’ health and workforce participation, addressing this issue remains a critical priority for public health agencies and policymakers. The collaboration between the ONS and the UK Health Security Agency emphasizes the importance of robust data collection and analysis to inform targeted interventions and support services for individuals affected by COVID-19.

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