4th Annual Pharma GMP and Quality Management 2024


Following the resounding success of its 3rd edition, Eminence Business Media proudly
presents the 4th Annual Pharma GMP and Quality Management 2024, scheduled for April
25 th – 26 th at Hotel Novotel, Airport Road Mumbai.
With the theme Transforming roles of ‘C’ in CGMP – Evolving & Optimizing Quality
Systems, this confluence brings pharmaceutical experts to address the most pressing GMP
practices and challenges with the intervention of Compliance, Culture, Communication,
Class, and Chatbots….
This is event dedicated to fostering the exchange of knowledge, embracing best practices,
and enhancing the capabilities of pharmaceutical companies in India, empowering them to
adopt globally recognized standards with a strong emphasis on the technical intricacies of
pharma quality.
This highly anticipated occasion will provide a comprehensive platform for industry experts
to converge and delve deep into the technical nuances of Good Manufacturing Practices
(GMP) and quality management.
The session is aiming to showcase in-depth discussions and immersive training sessions led
by renowned thought leaders and practitioners to gain practical, technical skills and
knowledge essential for ensuring compliance, product quality, and operational efficiency in
pharma manufacturing.
To enhance the learning experience and better understanding and implementation, a
virtual session is to take place on April 13th, 2024 with presentation based learning
and dedicated Q&A round with 3 industry experts.
Let’s connect and collaboratively shape the success of the 4th Annual Pharma GMP and
Quality Management 2024.
Why Attend?
  In-depth discussions, case studies, group discussions and dedicated Q&A session
for enhanced practical learning.
  Explore the impact of recent innovations in GMP & Quality Management 
  Gain insights through interactive live Q&A sessions and enjoy the advantage of
extended 6-month support for continuous learning.
  Follow up virtual learning session with presentations and dedicated Q&A round 15
days after the conference.
  Network with your industry peers and understand what they do differently.

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