Bioreset® Max: the winning ally for BSC biodecontamination


Responding to a worldwide growing demand for an easier use of V-PHP technology by players operating in different markets, for instance biohazard laboratories and unclassified environments, Amira launches Bioreset® Max.

This new V-PHP generator is designed to offer extreme simplicity and maximum protection from viruses and microorganisms for operators and environments. 

Bioreset® Max has many strengths that make it an invaluable ally:

  • its small size helps the operator moving even in small areas for applications requiring compact and handy equipment
  • simply pressing a button, it is possible to launch in fully automatic mode the biodecontamination cycle reaching with each use optimal levels of efficacy
  • made entirely of aluminium and ABS, it is lightweight and easy to transport
  • the catalyst allows the aeration of the environment without the need for forced ventilation and transforms the decontamination agent into water and oxygen
  • as in gas form, the decontaminating agent spreads in perfectly uniform way, reaching even the most difficult points and ensuring a very high level of reduction of the microbial load (6 Log) on all exposed surfaces.

The latter feature is very important for a secure Biosafety cabinet (BSC) biodecontamination. 

The primary purpose of BSC is to protect the operator and the surrounding environment from pathogens and to ensure absolute sterility conditions during samples manipulation. But what may happen when maintenance service is carried out? How to be sure that operators and environments can still be protected? This is possible decontaminating the full BSC before proceeding with any maintenance activity.

Let’s consider, for instance, maintenance activity to replace HEPA filters which are a possible point of presence of pathogens and really difficult to be sterilised. In fact, these filters can block any particle larger than 0.3µm and only a gas is therefore able to penetrate the filter media and can perform complete and effective decontamination. Bioreset® Max, using hydrogen peroxide in vapor phase, is the right tool to sterilise all exposed surfaces up to 6 Log, including HEPA filters.

Bioreset® Max is a winning ally for BSC and many other applications such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, dental and medical clinics, microbiological laboratories, biosafety laboratories and biomedical research facilities.Bioreset Max is Available for Demonstration and for sales through Svan Analytical Instruments Pvt Ltd. For More Information you can visit

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