Pharma Quality Excellence Awards 2024


The Pharma Quality Excellence Awards 2024 scheduled for April 26 th in Hotel Novotel,
Airport Road, Mumbai, is a prestigious event aimed at recognizing and celebrating the
exceptional achievements of quality departments within the pharmaceutical industry.
Eminence Business Media acknowledges remarkable contributions and unwavering
dedication in the industry, and this award ceremony serves as a distinguished platform to
recognize and appreciate the unwavering dedication, innovation, and commitment of
individuals and teams who have demonstrated exceptional performance in upholding the
highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy in pharmaceutical products.
The awards program boasts a meticulously assembled Board of Jury comprising renowned
industry experts, thought leaders, and regulatory authorities. The esteemed panel of judges
brings a wealth of experience and expertise in quality management, regulatory compliance,
and pharmaceutical best practices. Their collective insight and discernment ensure a
rigorous and impartial evaluation process, guaranteeing that the most deserving individuals
and teams receive the recognition they merit.
The 2024 edition of the Pharma Quality Excellence Awards will convene industry leaders,
quality professionals, and stakeholders to celebrate excellence in a wide array of categories,
including quality control, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, compliance, and overall
quality leadership. This event aims to showcase best practices, cutting-edge techniques, and
transformative initiatives that have significantly contributed to elevating quality standards
across the pharmaceutical landscape.
By acknowledging and appreciating the efforts of quality professionals, the Pharma Quality
Excellence Awards 2024 seeks to inspire a culture of excellence, foster innovation, and drive
continuous improvement within the pharmaceutical industry. Through this esteemed
platform, exceptional individuals and teams will gain well-deserved recognition for their
pivotal role in ensuring the safety and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, ultimately
advancing global public health.

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