Sartorius Joins TheWell Bioscience to Stop Animal Sacrifice in Research


Together, they make animal-free hydrogels and bio-inks to create 3D cell models.

Research in medicine often involves animals as models. Common animals like rats, mice, and rabbits are usually sacrificed to save mankind. This act is seen as cruelty to animals from an ethical point of view. 

Collaborations like the one between Sartorius and TheWell Bioscience bring new hope in the research where 3D cell models can be used in drug development. Together, they ensure no more delays in the study due to the unavailability of animal models. 

Sartorius manufactures bioanalytic instruments, cytokines, and media products for cultivating and analysing various 3D spheroid and organoid models. TheWell Bioscience is a leading U.S.-based startup to advance the development of hydrogels and bio-inks explicitly tailored for creating advanced 3D cell models crucial for drug discovery workflows. It is a prominent player in the life science industry. Through this collaboration, Sartorius expands its lab division’s product portfolio by incorporating TheWell Bioscience’s offerings and making a minority investment in the company.

TheWell Bioscience stands at the forefront of innovation in animal-free hydrogels and bioinks, essential components for generating 3D biomimicking platforms, also referred to as 3D cell models. These sophisticated biological constructs closely replicate the organisation and functionality of cells within living organisms, thereby facilitating more accurate predictions of drug efficacy, toxicity, and side effects in humans. Given the industry’s transition towards human-relevant organoid models, 3D cell models represent a strategic growth area for Sartorius, as per the report.

Fiona Coats, Head of Marketing at Sartorius’ Lab Products & Services division, highlighted the seamless integration of TheWell Bioscience’s offerings with Sartorius’. She emphasised the compatibility of TheWell Bioscience’s hydrogel solutions with Sartorius’ live-cell imaging system, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis of cell health and behaviour. Coats, slated to join TheWell Bioscience’s board of directors, underscored the collaborative effort’s potential to provide customers with more relevant insights in less time, thus accelerating time-to-market for new therapeutics.

John Huang, founder and CEO of TheWell Bioscience, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to enhance its presence in the life science and biopharmaceutical market. He emphasised the collaborative effort’s role in empowering researchers to expedite advancements in advanced biomedicine and personalised therapies.

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