Women in Science and technology


Ms. Vasanthy Rajamannar
Head Marketing,

1– How do you see the landscape for women in your industry evolving, and what opportunities do you think it presents?

I see the landscape for women in the scientific industry evolving positively. The involvement of women in the Scientific field has changed dramatically in the last many years. The landscape is shifting as a result of greater representation, transforming workplaces, and the emergence of positive role models. Even though there are still obstacles to be solved, the progress is evident. There are increasing efforts to promote gender

equality and diversity in STEM fields. This presents opportunities for women to excel and contribute their unique perspectives to scientific research, innovation and in building businesses.

2– In what ways do you contribute to fostering a supportive and empowering work environment for your colleagues?

Although women are gradually making an identity for themselves in the workplace, organizations and their leaders need to take action to start addressing bias while empowering and supporting female employees. A culture of empowerment for women is fostered via advocacy and the creation of an inclusive workplace. I’ve always had faith in my coworkers’ competencies, so I encourage and motivate them to get over their own prejudices so they are able to advance far in this journey.

3– What initiatives or strategies do you think are effective in promoting diversity and inclusion within the workplace?

Since diversity and inclusion are processes that take time to develop, the company must embrace them by making them a part of its culture. Keeping an open mind and fostering an environment where employees feel free to express themselves are excellent places to start. Increasing awareness of diversity and inclusion from a broad viewpoint, rather than just about gender, will help to promote this essential culture.

As leaders, build better relationships with individuals, its important to encourage people to be who they really are at work. When people are comfortable in their surroundings, they may work more freely and productively.

4- How can women contribute to making a positive impact on their communities?

Over the past few decades, women’s position in shaping society has evolved. They no longer confine themselves to the home but also contribute significantly to socio-economic changes in a variety of ways. A greater number of women are contributing as a result of enhanced career growth opportunities being made available. After having spent few years in their jobs, women are now able to contribute to economic growth strategies, influence policies and governance in an effort to promote women’s empowerment, and carry out gender equality programs to create awareness, while considering traditional and cultural values into account. As a home maker women create high values in the society in minimizing gender biases, providing equal opportunity and sharing responsibilities.

5- What unique perspectives do women bring to the field of science and technology, and how can these be leveraged for innovation?

In science and technology, women and girls contribute diversity to the field and offer distinct perspectives that are essential in driving innovation and advancement, to address some of the urgent problems, such as embracing technology, creating a sustainable environment, and enabling access to healthcare to name a few. As we honor some of the world’s most distinguished scientists, both in India and outside, it serves as a reminder to organizations about the significance of leveraging women’s holistic power and not only promoting gender equality. An inclusive workplace, adaptability, security, and an open mind are all key to foster this unique culture.

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