5th Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management Summit, 2022


June 22nd, 23rd, & 24th 

For the past four editions, we have thrived on our unique event format and content. In the  last couple of years, we have adopted innovative ways of working, learned from them, and  realized their benefits. At Eminence Business Media, we believe learning should not stop.  Hence, after deliberating with the experts with immense experience in the industry, we bring  to you the 5th Annual Pharma Project & Portfolio Management Summit 2022,  Mumbai, where we are focussing on the challenges and opportunities faced by the Project  and the Portfolio teams in the new normal. 

This event has been planned in a unique way, with focus on Portfolio Management on June  22nd; Collaboration between Project & Portfolio Management on June 23rd; & Project  Management on June 24th

This summit is bringing together the senior practitioners across the pharmaceutical industry  to discuss the best strategies & approaches to adapt to the changes happening in the industry. 

Envisioning the change, discuss how the pharma companies are planning and adopting their  strategies to the changing market dynamics. Realize the true potential of the teams by  delegating resposibilities and empowering the teams. Treasure the learning from projects and  leverage it for achieving continuous success. 

This is a great opportunity to network with your peers in the industry, discuss the challenges,  understand how did they adapt, and take home the learning collectively.  

To register your interest today, email abhay@eminencemedia.in or call +91 9561 476 160 for  further queries & registration or visit www.pharmaprojectandportfolio.com 

Who Should Attend? 

• Presidents 

• Vice Presidents  

• Associate Vice Presidents  

• Sr. GMs, GMs & AGMs 

• Mid-Level Management  from Project Management, Portfolio Management, Program Management, R & D  Teams, and any teams handling project and portfolio-related responsibilities.

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